Ekklesia Yuma supports Salida del Sol Elementary School with lunches for students that are in need of extra help on the weekends.

You can help feed hungry children by either donating financially or by donating food items.  Monetary and food donations can be dropped off at Ekklesia Yuma during worship times or by making an appointment during another time.

Examples Of Approved Foods For Donation.

These items have been approved by a Dietician. Single, serving size, kid friendly items. All food must have a current date. NO EXPIRED FOOD PLEASE.

Beef Jerky

Tuna (canned or packets)

Canned chicken breast

Slim Jim’s

Canned or cups of pastas like ravioli, spaghetti, etc.


Canned roast beef

Ready to eat Mac N cheese in the little cups or individual packets. Just add water. No boxes please.

Ready to eat rice dishes

Snack crackers (goldfish, cheese it’s, peanut butter sandwich, etc)


Snack mix or trail mix

Granola bars

Veggie chips

Fruit leathers or fruit snacks

Dried fruit

Canned or cups of fruit

Applesauce cups or squeeze tubes

Single serving shelf stable boxed milk

Individual serving size boxes of cereal

Individual packets oatmeal

Nutragrain or other cereal bars

Kids Cliff bars

Fruitables brand juice drink or V8 juice blends as these contain a serving or more of vegetables.

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