Look For The

Red Welcome




We are glad that you have bumped into us here...either on purpose or by accident!  Ekklesia is a multi-ethnic church based in Yuma, AZ.  Ekklesia Yuma exists to glorify God and make disciples by leading diverse people to the healing love of Jesus.

 We meet weekly at the Rancho Viejo/Salida Del Sol Cafeteria that sits between the two schools.  The address is 1020 S. Avenue "C"...which is on Avenue "C" between 16th Street and 8th Street. All are welcome! Bring your friends, your kids, your grandma, and your neighbor. It doesn't matter what you look like, how you dress, or if you are all greasy from just getting off work. Come as you are!  We sing songs in English and Spanish and have simultaneous Spanish translation available as well.  We would love to have you worship with us!

Weekly Gatherings - Sundays @ 9:30AM
Rancho Viejo/Salida Del Sol Cafeteria
1020 S. Avenue "C" Yuma, AZ 85364